Wednesday, November 1, 2006


hate. such a strong word.
who do you hate? what do you hate?
oftentimes, you tend to hate many things. i hate my face. i hate my body. i hate my eyes. i hate math. i hate science. i hate my professor. i hate that girl. i hate this shirt. I HATE HIM. but is it really hatred? sometimes it's just a matter of not being contented with what you got.

fat people want to be skinny. skinny ones want to gain weight.
short people want to get taller, while sometimes tall people wished they were shorter.
dark-skinned? they try all who-knows-what stuff just to have lighter skin, while those with
milky white skin? they get tanned.

most kids are so eager to get older. but once they do, "how i wish i was still young".
i want what she got. i want that house. i want that car. i want her boyfriend. i want this. i want that. do you ever stop wanting?

think about this: maybe you do not have this or that because you do not need it. yes, you read it right. NEED. worldly creature, forget your wants. take note of what you need. really need.

not being able to grasp what you want makes you hate a lot of things, or even of a lot of people. you envy. you get jealous. but stop for awhile, just think. did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe (but i sure bet it's very possible. more than possible.) the things you have, or even the things you hate are what others desire for? you get too occupied by your desperate thoughts of having to have what others got. take time to see things from a distance. others do what you do. yes, they too long for what you possess. someone thinks you are a beautiful creature that s/he wished s/he had your cursed hair, your unwanted figure, or even your hated face. it's just a matter contentment, dear. just a little satisfaction. come on, grow some of it up on your pretty little head. breakaway from your hectic schedule of nosing around. stop that insecurity, it's unhealthy.

just cling on to what you have, because whatever that is, it's what you need at the moment.


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