Wednesday, November 8, 2006

passing me by

I stopped purposely looking for your face in the crowd everywhere I go. Sometimes I do take a peek…force of habit I guess. I haven’t been able to shake it off yet. You opened a switch inside me that I still haven’t figured out how to close. Maybe I have an inborn radar, tuned and locked in precisely to your face, body shape and even shadow. Or when it comes to you, an arcane sharpness envelops and powers my eyes at exactly the moment you are passing by. I always see you. Sometimes with her, sometimes alone but you always never notice or even worse pretend not to notice me.
It is still imbedded in my head. Before you went to great lengths, so that I would notice you. You would sit near me and try to strike up a conversation. It never bothered or discouraged you that I made it known to you that I didn’t want to have anything to do with you. Maybe it was the summer heat, or Chem 16 or it was just who you were.
That guy I knew is gone. The warmth is gone. All that’s left is the j*rk that is you.
I’ve often wondered why it’s happening now, not when I desperately wanted to see you. Always, it seems, our encounters are scheduled at the most inopportune time. Never when I’m ready to meet your eyes and impose my presence on you, on her, and more importantly on the two of you.
Why did I decided to make up with you anyway? After a year of no contact, once again I took the first step in the “restoration” of our dying friendship. I knew not to expect too much, I am not that na├»ve. I know in my heart, I did it for my peace of mind, so I can freely leave my college life without any regrets or unresolved issues. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit even to myself that’s all I wanted.
I want my sweet, caring friend back. I don’t want the a**hole he turned out to be. I know “we” can never be. It didn’t work out well between us as friends…need I say more?
I don’t want to make the first step again. I don’t want to say hello first. Is it because she is there?
We were friends first before the two of you hooked up. It just feels like you are ashamed to admit we are friends and let people know that we are somehow connected. Maybe if you pretend I’m not there, I really won’t be. Until you grow the balls you need, I really won’t be.

to whom it may concern:

i saw you yesterday. you were at that same place again. i saw you look at me. then we both smiled. it's for moments like that that i come to appreciate life more. i just wish it lasted a little longer...
i've always prayed for Him to send me someone. i don't want someone perfect; i just want someone i need. i think i need someone nice. someone sweet. someone who cares like no other. i don't demand for much. i just want what's for me. if i don't need him now, at least i want to know. i can't mend this alone, i guess.

"i know it's on your mind that a love like ours shall never fall apart. you're so afraid of the rain, so i'll take your hand and i'll love you in the best way that i can. and i only expect the same. though i'm sure of what i feel, i never thought a love so true felt so unreal. i'm a little afraid myself. but if you love me day by day with an honest heart and just a little faith, time will tell the tale. don't promise me forever. don't promise me the sun and the sky. don't pretend to know that you'll never make me cry. just hold me now, and promise me you'll try."
there's nothing wrong with being single. it's nice to be free. i can stay out late every night. i can wear whatever i want. i can just be my plain old self. the whole world sees that i can take care of myself. but to tell you the truth, i wouldn't mind having someone walk me home. i wouldn't mind wanting to look good or trying to be better for someone. i wouldn't mind letting someone hold me when i'm just too weak to go on. it's nice to be free, but i wouldn't mind being bound to someone who loves me. after all, who wouldn't want to love and be loved in return?

Thursday, November 2, 2006


most of us would want to be in control. in control of what's happening around. of what's in your mind. of what you feel. because basically, being in control means strength.
but what if you lose grip? what if things start to fall apart? comes tumbling down right in front of you? can you handle the crash?
few are able to hold it together, simply because it's but really hard to. it's like seeing your most precious possession trapped in fire. it's there, just meters away from you. but what can you do? you see it, burning. you can't get it back. just trying to get near hurts, and you might just get burned. being in control is more likely to be the same as that. or more. you know that certain time in your life when everything you ever dreamed of suddenly abandons you? every little thing you held on tightly to just slips off of your grasp and you just don't know why. questions build up. doubts grow. and answers are nowhere to be found. you get mad. you cry. you try laughing it all off. you go crazy. you just, lose it.
now you begin to wonder about what's happening next. is it gonna be good this time? or will it hurt just like it did?
losing control. it takes pretty damn hard to regain. you find yourself wishing it never happened because you know it is easier that way. you might never have to hurt that much. but you are hurting now. and it quietly ruins you. it silently breaks you inside. and there is nothing you can do about it.
you lie in bed each night, constantly trying your best to figure out how you can take it all back to where you started. back when you were strong. before your fall. that moment when you had it all in your hands. something. someone took that all away from you. gone.
now you wait as hope leaves you empty. you pray for something. for someone to fix you, and your broken pieces. but after all, no matter who or what is gonna bring you back whole, and no matter how they do it, it still won't change the fact that once, you got shattered. you were torn. you went weak, and lost control.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


hate. such a strong word.
who do you hate? what do you hate?
oftentimes, you tend to hate many things. i hate my face. i hate my body. i hate my eyes. i hate math. i hate science. i hate my professor. i hate that girl. i hate this shirt. I HATE HIM. but is it really hatred? sometimes it's just a matter of not being contented with what you got.

fat people want to be skinny. skinny ones want to gain weight.
short people want to get taller, while sometimes tall people wished they were shorter.
dark-skinned? they try all who-knows-what stuff just to have lighter skin, while those with
milky white skin? they get tanned.

most kids are so eager to get older. but once they do, "how i wish i was still young".
i want what she got. i want that house. i want that car. i want her boyfriend. i want this. i want that. do you ever stop wanting?

think about this: maybe you do not have this or that because you do not need it. yes, you read it right. NEED. worldly creature, forget your wants. take note of what you need. really need.

not being able to grasp what you want makes you hate a lot of things, or even of a lot of people. you envy. you get jealous. but stop for awhile, just think. did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe (but i sure bet it's very possible. more than possible.) the things you have, or even the things you hate are what others desire for? you get too occupied by your desperate thoughts of having to have what others got. take time to see things from a distance. others do what you do. yes, they too long for what you possess. someone thinks you are a beautiful creature that s/he wished s/he had your cursed hair, your unwanted figure, or even your hated face. it's just a matter contentment, dear. just a little satisfaction. come on, grow some of it up on your pretty little head. breakaway from your hectic schedule of nosing around. stop that insecurity, it's unhealthy.

just cling on to what you have, because whatever that is, it's what you need at the moment.

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