Wednesday, November 8, 2006

to whom it may concern:

i saw you yesterday. you were at that same place again. i saw you look at me. then we both smiled. it's for moments like that that i come to appreciate life more. i just wish it lasted a little longer...
i've always prayed for Him to send me someone. i don't want someone perfect; i just want someone i need. i think i need someone nice. someone sweet. someone who cares like no other. i don't demand for much. i just want what's for me. if i don't need him now, at least i want to know. i can't mend this alone, i guess.

"i know it's on your mind that a love like ours shall never fall apart. you're so afraid of the rain, so i'll take your hand and i'll love you in the best way that i can. and i only expect the same. though i'm sure of what i feel, i never thought a love so true felt so unreal. i'm a little afraid myself. but if you love me day by day with an honest heart and just a little faith, time will tell the tale. don't promise me forever. don't promise me the sun and the sky. don't pretend to know that you'll never make me cry. just hold me now, and promise me you'll try."
there's nothing wrong with being single. it's nice to be free. i can stay out late every night. i can wear whatever i want. i can just be my plain old self. the whole world sees that i can take care of myself. but to tell you the truth, i wouldn't mind having someone walk me home. i wouldn't mind wanting to look good or trying to be better for someone. i wouldn't mind letting someone hold me when i'm just too weak to go on. it's nice to be free, but i wouldn't mind being bound to someone who loves me. after all, who wouldn't want to love and be loved in return?


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