Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"it's weird as it happens.
you still love the person but you stop needing them like you used to."

i fell in love with a boy. it's that kind of love coated with sugared words and endless dreams. i was young, so was he. i remember how it began; it was on that day of june when i first saw the face i never thought would own a space in my busy mind. he made a smooth way from my brain, through my spine, and eventually down to my fragile heart. momentary bliss. i finally found one great reason to finally love the thought of having to go to school. swept off my feet, i was soaring high the blue skies. but time went speeding by. taking me into its arms, away from the magical sparks of my fantasy.

months passed. i have changed. i wasn't young anymore, yet still he was. what was sweet slowly took its turn. reality came knocking at my door.

but reality doesn't bite hard, i guess. sweet. sour. sweet!

i never guessed it was possible. my impossible dream came true, knocking the hell out of me. days of joy. weeks of fun. a month of purely innocent affection. he made me smile. gave me hope. 'til it's over.

good things never seem to last. . .they all have their endings. no matter how modest or grand.

although i wanted to love him, he made me want to quit giving.

time just flies shitty fast. it took me way beyond my imagination. i was running a race, alone. i reached the end. how did i ever win?


siMpLy_chix... said...

'_ ei... r u reFeriNg 2 t.G... hahaha...

hoW's liFe?... ice CreaM pIekOH...

iNgaTz... loveYah.. mwaH...

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