Thursday, June 18, 2009

Most Needed Update

this blog needs an udpade, badly. who owns a blog with a 2007 last blog post?? me. haha

anyway, it's 2009 already. two years have passed. of course a lot have changed too. as i was reading my older (nearly ancient) posts, i started smiling to myself, reminiscing about those days when i was too young and kind of immature. oh well, it's different now. by next year i will be graduating already. well, i'm still not so sure about that. classes have just started and it's already freaking me out. i guess a college diploma won't come easy.
i noticed how my previous blog entries mostly (if not all) talked about my really young love life. haha. i guess most of us pass through that certain phase in our lives when all we can think about are crushes, puppy loves, and tons of wishful thinking. i'm not saying i don't entertain imaginings anymore. it's just that when you get older and reach a certain point in your life, you begin to let go of childish dreams and start holding on to what really matters. it's that time when you inject a healthy dose of discipline into your system so you won't go off track. but i still do, go off track, once in a while. hihi

enough of that, for now. wonder if i'd really have time to give this blog the update it needs ;)


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