Saturday, March 24, 2007

day wasted

my back hurts. i lack hours of sleep. i'm wasted. haha. the school year's about to end so i have a lot to do. ayan na naman ang practice set! hmp. i was up with my classmates from 11pm last night to 6am this morning just doing accounting stuff and yet, it still is not done. why does it have to be that everytime this comes, we never finish? frustrating. but i think we'll do better this sem compared to that of last sem's. whatever! frustrating still, BIG TIME.
i came to realize how i am willing to exert all those efforts just to finish that work. i'm on the edge of failing my 6-unit major subject yet i don't feel i'm doing enough. ugh. it's oh so sad to imagine, my first year in college- a failure. i don't want to spend a month of my summer vacation in school! finals na this thursday, do or die. hayyy!


shey said...

halur.. link kita ok lang?

sherry said...

oo, ok lang. salamat :)

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