Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nearly Absent

this is what happens when you're sick and it's raining like hell outside and the sky's too cloudy and dark and it's just the first week of classes. this is what happens: i decide i won't to go to school. but for some miraculously cool reason, i get to receive a text message from my classmate saying classes are suspended. how great is that? just when i thought i was being lazy..haha! :)) i wasn't in my element as i was taking a bath contemplating if i should go to school or not. my mind was too busy weighing the odds, trying to convince myself that it's okay to skip class today. that since none of the professors showed up last tuesday, in case they show up today, it will be the 'first day'. and it's okay to miss the first day, i guess. and adding the fact that i'm sick. okay, not really that sick. but i am sick in some considerable level. so whatever. classes are suspended anyway. it would be good if tomorrow's classes will be suspended too because my gensoc prof decided it's time for a quiz. who does that??
so anyway, that's about it, for now. again. be back when i'm back ;)


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