Thursday, July 2, 2009


i know, i've just posted yet another freaky 'message from God' from facebook. it's just so unbelievably weird. the coincidence. the bull's eye. yeah. so, whatever.

my purpose for this entry is to talk about mu law3 professor who i met yesterday and is now my crush. aaahh! just the thought of his face makes me smile like a love sick puppy dog (or cat?) haha. during discussion, while everyone was so silent and nervous, josh and i were whispering to each other in almost inaudible tones about how handsome he is. it was so out of line considering i was nervous as hell for the professor might just call my name next and ask me law-ful questions. but who cares. we were enjoying the view. haha! [at pagkatapos niyang i-dismiss ang klase, pagkalabas at pagkalabas niya sa pinto, ay sabay sabay kaming nagtilian. wahaha] tomorrow is law day. and i wonder if he'll come to class. law professors don't always come to class, i guess. it has always been that way. and even if i have to read again and study those negotiable law sections, it's okay. really. it's okay :))


eryLL said...

oooohh flirty sherry. hahaha.


hahaha! gagu ka. nagcomment pa lng ako sa blog entries mo! psalamat ka nga! hehe

eryLL said...

oo nga, nkita ko na! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! agree eryll. soooo flirty! :) goodluck shey! :)

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